What should I bring?

Whatever you need to have a good time out there. We have plenty of dry storage so bring your towel, sunblock, sun glasses, and something warm to wear in the colder months. We have charging stations for your electronics. Coolers are on board, iced down, with bottled water. Bring your own food, snacks, and drinks.

Where do we go?

Our Eco Tours run the Florida Keys back country, from the Marquesas to Marvin Key. We go where the weather conditions are best for the day, we factor in season, wind direction, rain, and tide to find the best locations for that day.

Our SUP Shack is located in the near shore waters off Downtown Key West, in a perfect protected cove off Flemming Key.

What wildlife do we see?

Although we can’t guarantee the sight of any wild animals, we commonly see dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, rays, small sharks, lobsters, a variety of birds, manatees, octopus, and sea stars

What is your cancellation policy?

Mellow Ventures reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy; no refunds will be given if cancellation made within 48 hours of charter.

Does fitness level / age matter?

Our trips are tailored to you and generally you’ll be in calm, serene enviroments where fitness is of little concern. Age is not a concern unless you think it is, if so please let us know so we can best accomodate you.

Though it is a “mellow” adventure, we do recommend that you keep within your personal swimming and fitness abilities. We do ask that if you can’t swim or have any health issues that may effect your safety, to please let us know.

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